Using a Pay Stub Template

RockStub's system allows any individual or organization or print pay stubs in a simple, efficient format. Choose the salary or hourly calculator: enter the tax year, state, and pay data such as pay rate, hours and gross pay, federal and state tax information, and voluntary deductions, such as medical benefits and retirement contributions. Calculate the pay stub to show the employee's gross-to-net earnings.

Many people think they can create pay stubs online with free online templates. However, such pay stub templates are user-submitted; therefore, quality and quantity may vary. These free templates are often difficult to edit, are not aesthetically-pleasing, and contain watermarks or other unsightly and unprofessional symbols. Rather than waste time dealing with free templates, it usually makes sense to spend a few dollars for an attractive, easy-to-adjust paystub from a website such as RockStub.

To create the pay stub, enter the employee's payroll data into the template. The template design and information depend on the chosen template. Typically, info that needs to be entered includes the period start and end dates; current and year-to-date income, such as hours and wages for regular, overtime, vacation, personal and sick time; current and year-to-date deductions for taxes and benefits, such as medical and 401(k); and gross pay. Print the finished pay stub if necessary.

By using an online paystub service provider like RockStub, you are not only saving time - you are increasing the chances that the pay stub you create is successful for whatever purpose it needs to be used. For a fee, paystub information is submitted online and processed in seconds. There is no limit to the number of pay stubs that can be created - feel free to make a number of them for personal records and other general usage.