Need to Make Pay Stubs for Employees?

It was once very common for owners of small businesses to write paystubs for their employers directly from the checkbook of a business account. However, this practice is no longer followed by many businesses, especially those who understand the stress that can come from paying employees directly from a business's account. There are also others who go to the length of opening a different account for the purpose of using it for their employee's payroll in order to lessen the length and bulk of work done in calculating the taxes of employees. Even with all these steps taken, most employees still want something more from the business; they want proof of their wages as well as proof that certain deductions were made - all in written form. This is where it becomes necessary to generate a pay stub. Because this is something required for all employees, businesses must be sure to either develop a process or make use of a service that can make a paystub for each individual worker - a service like RockStub.

A question that might arise is: "why do employees demand pay stubs rather than simple handwritten checks?", to which we can say that a pay stub can provide more in-depth details of earnings and deductions relevant to those earnings. While a check may provide a good idea of gross wages, only a true pay stub can offer specific facts about taxes, insurance, paid vacation time, and more. Employees want to be sure of what they are earning and where the money is going in order to keep records for themselves and any future employers.

Taking into consideration the importance of a pay stub to the present day employees, one then goes about the next step of how to generate the right pay stub for his or her employees. Websites such as RockStub are able to quickly generate a pay stub for any individual for a minimal fee. It is important that such a service is professional, secure, and has a strict privacy policy. Creating a pay stub is no joke - there are many legal and ethical guidelines that must be followed to produce a document that is accurate and trustworthy.

Small business owners with only a few employees may be tempted to simply write basic paychecks directly from a business account and leave the payroll at that. However, in the modern work environment, that is no longer an option for most companies. Employees generally demand some form of pay stub that acts as a means of tracking weekly income and taxes. Creating a pay stub for each employee not only protects the rights of those employees - it protects the business owner by making strong records of every detail of employee wages. In order to make pay stubs that hold some weight, a proper service such as RockStub should be utilized to ensure that the end result is both professional and satisfactory to everyone involved.

Laws can differ from state to state, but all pay stubs must generally contain some of the same basic information: hours worked during the pay period, the length of the pay period, overtime hours, vacation or holiday pay, sick pay, and pay rate for each type of working hour. Of course, a pay stub must also display the total gross pay for the period.

Every good paystub should include at least the minimum information about deductions that are taken, including those taken before taxes and those taken after and including taxes. Many different resources can be used to find the necessary information to make a pay stub in any given state - examples can be found in libraries, law offices, and tax preparation centers. A wide variety of paystub templates can be found for use by employees and employers - be sure to do some research to find the right template for your specific situation.